Olympus Mountain

Mountain Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece a natural border between Thessaly and Macedonia. Mountain Olympus becomes worldwide famous because in Greek Mythology was the home of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient world. The peaks of Olympus, 52 total with the highest peak called Pantheon (today Mytikas) in 2,918 meters (9,573 ft) from November to April are covered with snow.

Organized mountain refuges and various mountaineering and climbing routes are available to visitors, who want to explore its nature. The usual starting point for it is the town of Litochoro, on the eastern foothills of the mountain, 32 km (30 minutes) from Hotel Hermes.


The archeological area of Dion is a village located at the foot of Mountain Olympus which contains a number of Greek and Roman-era ruins. Archaeological site located near in the modern village and contains the archaeological museum with fascinating artefacts and the large temple of Zeus as well as temples of Demeter , Isis , Asclepius and a big number of interesting ruins.

The site also contains the remains of a Hellenistic theatre, which every year organized a famous festival called (Olympus festival) where visitors can get a taste of ancient representations and not only.

Platamon Castle

Platamon Castle built between 1204 and 1222 and was used from Crusaders. The castle located in a strategic position which controls the road connecting the North with southern Greece. The tower located in the center of the castle is an imposing medieval fortress. On the site of the castle in the period of summer organized some events in the context of Olympus festival.

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